Sunset Sessions — nj family photography

**Introducing Sunset Sessions**

Starting in early May we will be opening up 2 days a week for sunset sessions. The nj family sessions will be held at a select number of locations chosen for their beautiful vistas, rolling hills and gorgeous sunsets! Sessions will be conducted on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings. All bookings will come with custom clothing recommendations based on your style and color preferences!


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Sweet NJ newborn baby girl – nj newborn photographer

After capturing the newborn, the number one request that clients ask me to capture is the sibling shot. I’ve captured siblings close in age (just a year!) and those further apart. They all present their own unique challenges but as a newborn photographer, it’s a challenge I enjoy. This big brother was a champ and a charmer too. He clearly loved his baby sister and I was able to leave the session knowing mom and dad would have this moment to enjoy forever!


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Xanthe - April 9, 2014 - 5:16 am

Very cute! So peaceful.

Baby Faces – NJ Baby Photographer

Summit NJ Baby Photographer

One of my favorite stages to capture is the baby stage — or to be more descriptive, that stage when a baby can smile, laugh, engage in eye contact and show off their beautiful skin and rosy cheeks. I love their adorable chunky bellies and thighs. Without fail, they are always a joy to photograph especially when they come with adorable french bulldogs as a sidekick!

A quick update I am rapidly filling my calendar for late April and early May portrait sessions. If you’d like to schedule a session , please contact me as soon as possible so I can make sure to get you on my schedule! I have a limited number of newborn slots available for May and 1 left for April! You may email me at savinggrace @ savinggracephoto .com (remove spaces) or call me at 646-932-3904!





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Wardrobe Wednesday — what to wear for your NJ spring photo shoot.

sweet spring is your
time is my time is our
time for springtime is lovetime
and viva sweet love

-e.e. cummings

Spring Clothing Recommendations for your NJ family photo shoot

Ah spring – green grass, blooming flowers and the lovely warm weather brings out the best in everyone. I hope you read my blog post from last week — Tips to get the most out of your spring session and decided to go ahead and schedule your photo session. Spring is such a wonderful time and it will feel so good to get outside and capture your favorite family moments as they unfold. As I discussed in the post, the spring season can present some unique challenges when it comes to choosing outfits due to changeable weather and wet ground. One of the services I offer all clients, no matter the type of session chosen, is the opportunity to have a clothing consultation with me. This will give me some time to get to know your style better and provide some customized outfit recommendations. Not everyone wants or needs a phone consultation so for those who don’t, I’ve put together some sample family outfits I think work great together. As always, it’s important to stay true to your style and budget. I’ve seen stylish outfits from both Old Navy and J.Crew and you should never worry if your budget falls more in the former rather than the latter. As long as you follow some of my basic recommendations regarding color coordination and minimizing of patterns, I am certain your photos will look great!

Choosing your Color Scheme

One of the best places to start when choosing the colors for your outfits is the Pantone Fashion Color Report. This is a seasonal offering and a great place to get an idea of the colors you’ll be seeing in stores. Pantone’s Spring colors for 2014 are a diverse range of muted tones, spring greens and rich violets:


(image courtesy of Pantone©)

Choosing 2 or 3 colors is a great place to start and it’s always best to incorporate at least one neutral color as a base  (i.e. Paloma or Sand) with one of the brighter options as an accessory to add a pop of color. Don’t forget to accessorize. I love hats for children and fun earrings for mom. Make sure to add color near your face!

I’ve also come up with some outfits based around  my favorite spring color schemes of peach/pink/gray and dusk. You can view all of these collections by clicking out to my polyvore account where you will find information on each particular item including where it is sold and the cost of the item.

Choosing the Clothing

When choosing an outfit from scratch, I always prefer to start with mom. Moms can be much harder on themselves when it comes to how they look so I want them to be happiest. Select a flattering color to your skin tone (avoid black, especially in spring!) and build around it. Below I have a wide variety of soothing pinks/creams and peaches that look great on many skin tones. I included some fun accessories as well as some of my favorite makeup lines in lovely pink tones! Depending on whether you are more boho or romantic feminine, there is a look to suit most moods!


Once mom’s look is selected, we can move on to the little ones. I find them to be the easiest. Try not to rely on the standard polo for boys. Although I’m guilty as charged, I think it’s as much fun to dress up boys as girls and there are many affordable options to choose from these days including Crazy 8s, Mini Boden and Crewcuts!


Now on to Dad. I don’t want you to think that dads get short shrift with me — they don’t! Many men can be particular about their clothing (my husband included) and I think it’s important for men to look just as stylish and put together as mom. But let’s face it, men have fewer options to choose from and once you’ve narrowed down your own clothing, it’s much easier to find a coordinating option for your husband that will look great and be comfortable — two of the most important factors when choosing clothing.


Putting it all together

Once you’ve selected the outfits, it’s time to make sure they all work together. I always recommend laying the outfits together out on a neutral background and photographing it with your smartphone. Does any one item stand out? If so, that will be the first thing you notice in the pictures. Overly large jewelery, patterned shoes or tones that are slightly mismatched can all cause this problem. If you’re not sure, send the picture to me and I’ll let you know!

Here are some outfits I’ve come up with to show you what works well together. As you can see, up to 3 and even 4 colors can be included as long as the tones are similar or complementary.

Think Pink Spring 2014 Saving Grace Photography Outfit recommendation


Peachy Keen Spring 2014 Saving Grace Photography Outfit recommendation


As always thank you for reading! I look forward to seeing you this spring. If you are a new client or are interested in booking a NJ spring photo shoot with Saving Grace Photography for your family, please feel free to contact me at savinggrace @ savinggracephoto .com (remove spaces)

Finally, I also have a pinterest board that I am always adding to so please feel free to check that out too: What to Wear






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K. Morgan - April 1, 2014 - 6:28 am

Awesome ideas. Pastel colours are indeed great for this type of session.

NJ photographer – Tips to get the most out of your spring session!

It’s hard to believe, especially after the winter we had here in the northeast, but in a few short weeks spring will arrive. I love photographing families in spring. Everyone is happy to be outside.The weather when it cooperates, can be perfect for outdoor shoots and once the flowering trees start to blossom, there are plenty of soft, pastel colors from to use as backgrounds (I am especially looking forward to the apple trees in my favorite spot!)

However as with any season, there are some things to keep in mind when scheduling a spring session. Here are some quick tips to you get the most out of your session!

1. The ground is wet and soggy and muddy and well, you get the idea. I have many beautiful parks to choose from but with so much melting snow followed by early spring rain showers, soggy fields are always a consideration. It can be especially hard if your little one is not yet standing on their own. It’s always best to let your photographer know about any constraints your child might have. I like to bring small stools for the toddler set and small unobtrusive blankets for the ground. Babies can also be placed on small carts, wagons or antique wood crates (my personal favorites). If your baby is not sitting up at all, it may be best to wait until summer or schedule an indoor shoot. Also, now is not the time for the Laboutins :). Avoid high heels and any shoes you might not want to ruin! If you want to go fun and funky, colorful hunter boots are great! I lam partial to bright red ones myself!IMG_2388

2. Rain rain go away! The weather calls for intermittent showers. The sky looks gloomy but it’s not raining, at least not yet. What do you do? Well, I can tell you what I do and that is, well, it depends. After working as a nj photographer for almost 8 years, in a state subjected to countless spring storms and oft changeable weather, I feel like I could have a second job as a weatherman. I like to be able to offer my clients some level of flexibility if the weather looks iffy. If you are driving a distance, we can reschedule. I’d hate for you to get here just as the skies were opening up. If you are close, then I may ask you to take a wait and see approach. I’ve managed to sneak in a shoot right before it started to sprinkle and knock on wood, I’ve only gotten stuck in a sprinkle, never a downpour!

3. The thermometer reads 60, the sky is blue and clear. You step outside and whoosh, your little one is practically blown away by the gale force winds! Ahh spring. A light breeze can be a blessing on a summer day but the wind whipping across a field, not so much. Some of my locations are nicely protected from the strong winds. If we are using one of them, we can proceed but beautiful pictures are rarely made when mom’s hair looks like a tangled mess and baby’s cheeks are red. In most cases, we will discuss rescheduling or moving indoors.

4. You love spring wildflowers and want to make sure they’re part of the session. Flowers, and wildflowers in general are notoriously fickle. The best spring flowers don’t really start coming up until May and are here for just a brief time. It’s important to make sure your photographer knows what you want and can work with you on obtaining them. I always make sure I keep my eye out for spring wildflowers in my favorite spots and will recommend changing locations if needed. One thing to keep in mind, wildflowers are close to the ground. This is the one time I will ask you to get nice and low. If the ground is really soggy, we may wait a bit but otherwise be prepared to get a little dirty! Here’s a brief timeline for blooms:

early-mid April: daffodils and crocuses, hyacinths and snowdrops, dogwoods and flowering cherries

mid April to Mid May: bluebells, primrose, daffodils, phlox, azaleas, many of the smaller flowering trees including apple.

late spring: lilacs, mountain laurel, rhododendron, sweet orange, viburnum, dogwoods


5. It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s raining. It’s not. Spring is like a fickle teenager. Weather can change from one week to the next. Make sure you choose appropriate clothing for the weather. There is nothing worse than a baby dressed in a sweater and jeans when it’s 75 degrees out in May. He will be unhappy and so will you. The best option is to choose a few different looks and make sure there are coordinating jackets or sweaters if the weather turns chilly.

6. Have fun. This is the most important tip of them all. It can be hard to think about having fun when you’re plugging through the nitty gritty details of your session — choosing outfits for your kids, worrying about your hair and makeup and making sure your kids are happy and well fed on the day. Once you get through that, let your photographers take care of the rest!  If you book with me, I will give you some more helpful tips for the day of the session including what to wear and how to keep your little ones happy!


Next week: Check back for some tips on what to wear for your spring session including some up to date coordinated outfits from our best known stores.

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